Heartworms, 2004
gouache and paper on board

Black Shuck I, 2007
watercolor on paper

Scott Treleaven

It is to be remembered that all art is magical in origin… [it is] intended to produce very definite results.
William S. Burroughs

Scott Treleaven is a Toronto-based artist, a filmmaker, a visual artist and a writer. And also the founder ov the famed, mysterious and magickal zine ‘This is The Salivation Army’, a ‘paganfaggotpunk’ zine featuring the adventures ov a mystical gang ov mutineeres.
His artwork is placed under heavy references : William Blake, Aleister Crowley and his cryptic invocations, William Burroughs and his wild boyz’ teams, Brion Gysin, Kenneth Anger, the radical-queer-punk filmmaker Derek Jarman and at last, the pandrogynous creature Genesis Breyer P. Orridge.
His collages and paintings are mixing shirtless wild guyz, flowers, skulls, alchemical symbols and wolves.

more Treleaven's artwork, HERE.
Freedom Ov Salivation, a text by Genesis P. Orridge, HERE.

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