chocolate santa, 2007

Paul McCarthy

Chocolate Santa is 10" and is made with 14 oz. of Guittard semi-sweet dark chocolate and comes with a podium. Chocolate Santa is $100.

World-renowned american enfant terrible Paul McCarthy, together with Maccarone Gallery in collaboration with Hauser & Wirth, has embarked on a project that will transform the 6,000 square-foot Maccarone Gallery into a completely functional Chocolate Factory and retail store open to the public seven days a week from mid-November through the end of 2007.
The gallery will be divided into four sections: retail store, chocolate manufacturing, packaging and storage. The factory will produce 1,000 chocolate figurines daily, a new chocolate iteration of the iconic (ironic?) "Santa" sculpture exhibited at Art Basel in June 2007.
In preparation for the transformation of the location into a retail-factory setting, the gallery underwent extensive alteration, including replacing plumbing, electrical and HVAC to meet New York City Code and manufacturing requirements, as well as purchasing and installing the finest professional chocolate manufacturing equipment. The melting, tempering, molding, and other processes will be visible to visitors through observation windows. A conveyor belt will move the chocolates throughout the space, from the manufacturing hub, to packing and storage. The remaining portion of the gallery is devoted to retail sales.

More details @ PeterPaul Chocolates, HERE.

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I didn't know this work of Mc Carthy ...As usual he managed to get as far as he can to get his work done .. a genius ...