curry 2 (4), 2005
stainless steel

curry 2, 2005
stainless steel

Subodh Gupta,

"Subodh Gupta is one of India’s most prolific artists and has participated in numerous highly-acclaimed international exhibitions. Gupta works in a wide range of mediums from sculpture and painting to installation, photography, video and performance. He elevates the status of found objects from everyday items to artworks; using the products of rural India such as cow dung, milk buckets, kitchen utensils, scooters, guns and gulal powder as his materials. The objects that Gupta chooses to work with refer to the current state of India’s shifting society, migration, a sense of home and place and the effects and frictions caused by a rapidly globalising society. Because of his subject matter and materials Gupta effectively manages to communicate on both a local and global level. "

from Manchester International Festival, catalog (2007)

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