Throbbing Gristle plan first US tour dates since 1981.

According to the history of the band, these will be TG first live appearances ever.
4/16/09 Masonic Temple, NYC
4/19/09 Coachella Indio, CA
4/21/09 Ucla, LOS ANGELES (*)
4/23/09 Grand Regency Ballroom, SAN FRANCISCO
4/25/09 Epiphany Episcopal Church, CHICAGO

(*) "In the Shadow of the Sun", soundtrack performance only.

To mark these special occasions, TG will play 2 set events in New York and Chicago. The performances begin with a new live soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s alchemical film “In The Shadow Of The Sun” (1980) followed by a second set of material from across TG’s history.

More details, HERE.

...the gristle is throbbing (without need of viagra) !

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