Marie Antoinette out for a Walk at her Petite Hermitage, France, 1750 - 2005

Prince Desiree on a Break from Sleeping Beauty Out at Petrossian's for Dinner - 1998

Me getting ready to go out to a rock concert with Bernadette in Moscow - 1998

Riding School - 1999

Karen Kilimnik
oil on canvas

Karen Kilimnik reloads -with brio and ironic eyes- the history of portrait painting with the cliches of our post-modern era and creates an ectastic confusion.
More about her, HERE.

courtesy 303 Gallery, NY

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Anonyme a dit…

Marie Antoinette is actually strawberry-blonde, and the only location Marie Antoinette went to with the name 'Petite' was actually the 'Petite Trianon'. :] Thanks.